What people say about me

  • Angel Bonet – Socio de Indra Business Consulting
    Angel Bonet

    Juan Jose is a great professional and an excellent person. His main skills are analytical skills and a good staging. It is a pleasure to work with a professional like him.

  • Jesus Cubero – Director of Marketing & Communications at BURGER KING SEE
    Jesus Cubero

    Juan Jose worked in the Marketing Intelligence department doing a fantastic job in order to support “my countries” in terms of analysis and strategy.
    He demonstrated to be an important path within the team, being a leader due to his charismatic personality and a colleague that is easy to work with.
    His “Emotional intelligence”, strategic thinking and passion together with his depth knowledge of the different Market trends and mechanics will let him achieve all the goals he desires.

  • Reyes Gimenez Villalba – Marketing Director
    Reyes Gimenez

    Juan José is a very responsible, hard working, reliable and proactive professional. He is able to convert issues in Business opportunities and to anticipates possible threats proposing solutions. He has a great analytical capability and is always aiming to help. He works in a very organised and structural way. He is, without doubt, someone I’ll always recommend to have on your team.

  • Alfredo Revuelta – Partner at Cognodata
    Alfredo Revuelta

    Juan José is a very talented marketer always curious about new tendencies

  • José (Waardijk) Scheuer – Lecturer of Marketing and International Business
    José (Waardijk) Scheuer

    Juan José was a great dissertation student. He is focused, organised, analytical and a passionate communicator.