Based on qualitative (more than 30 interviews with managers and executives, visits to the field and to clients) and quantitative analysis in America Central countries such as Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, my team and I developed the strategic growth expansion of Florida Bebidas for 2010-2013. This growth road-map was divided into two parts; quick wins and long term proposition.

The quick wins were short term implementing plans (from 4 to 8 weeks) such as a method for reducing the supermarket stocks, a plan to reduce and concentrate the number of distributors, a discount program, and some product launches based on innovative packages (plastic bags, wide bottleneck, etc…).

The long-term proposition was focused in breakthrough the Go to Market of the company. It was proposed to evolve the core capabilities from a manufacturer basis into a concept based on brand developing and active distributing power. This new position in the marketplace should be supported by strategic alliances with distributors across all over America Central, a firm invest in customer intelligence and a substantial increase in the portfolio (both internal innovations and M&As).